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The Comfort of Men’s Flannel Shirts

Nothing beats the comfort of a good ole flannel. Like the same camping spot that you book every year, or your weekly jaunt on the local trail. It reminds you of home. We design our flannels with the comfort of home in mind. Because what good is an adventure in a flannel you don’t love? So pack your favorite men’s flannel shirt and hit the road.

Adding a Men’s Flannel Shirt to Your Wardrobe

Every needs a reliable flannel, one that you can throw on to head out to the field or the office. We go for casual style, so we outfit it with jeans and boots. But your shirt, your call. Easily dress them up or down, no rules on how to wear it. Pair it with a blazer and a leather briefcase for a day of business meetings, or throw on a leather jacket for the true rugged gentleman look. No matter how you wear it, you’ll feel confident and comfortable in one of our men’s flannel shirts.

Extra Styling Tips for Men’s Flannel Shirts

Wearing men’s flannel shirts is a look on its own, but what else can you do to upgrade the style? Back in the day, a man would roll up his shirt sleeves to kick back after a long day, or to do manual labor, or to get ready to fight, or to just cool off. Today, the same reasons can apply, but more often, sleeve-rolling has become a style statement. Learn more about perfecting your sleeve rolling skills so you always look your best.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is buffalo plaid?
    Buffalo plaid is a broad checkered plaid pattern usually composed of two colors like red and black.
  2. Why are most flannel shirts plaid?
    Most flannel shirts are plaid because many Welsh and Scottish farmers originally wore flannel shirts to keep them warm. The tartan pattern that they wore on the apparel is a well-known part of those cultures that later evolved into plaid when American and British manufacturers began to replicate these traditional looks.
  3. Why is buffalo plaid so popular?
    Buffalo plaid is so popular because everyone loves it—lumberjacks, cowboys, and Canadian farmers alike. It is a beautiful pattern that makes it versatile to wear in cold weather and outdoor conditions. 
  4. What are Buffalo Jackson's flannel shirts made out of?
    Buffalo Jackson’s flannel shirts are made out of durable wool or cotton. 
  5. What colored flannel shirts does Buffalo Jackson offer?
    Buffalo Jackson offers a variety of different flannel colors including red, green, white, yellow, blue, brown, and black. They also offer a multitude of other flannel color combinations.