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Leather Travel Bags For Men That Lead to Easier Exploration

Travelling is a state of mind, inspiring us to discover new things, meet new people, and immerse ourselves in new cultures. No matter where you go—whether it’s for a weekend or a month—it’s still important to travel with pieces of home. And what better way to carry them than with our signature leather travel bags for men? Small enough to keep you focused on what lies ahead, but large enough to hold what’s close to your heart... and anything you might pick up along the way.

Explore Our Leather Travel Bags For Men

If you’re the kind of guy who packs light, but needs a few pockets to organize your things, check out our Denver Leather Travel Duffle Bag for the perfect travel companion. Or, if you’re going on a longer excursion and need more space for more stuff, shop leather travel bags for men like our Roosevelt Buffalo Leather Duffle Bag for an option that gives you plenty of room, compartments, and buckles to keep everything secure. Also, browse our smaller leather travel bags for men like the Denver Leather Toiletry Bagfor specific storage needs and easier access to self-care items. And, don’t forget to grab a leather dopp kit for a small, carry-on size bag that fits a few toiletries, handheld electronics, and other miscellaneous items. Looking to enhance your leather technology accessories collection before you leave? Browse our tech and organizationofferings too.

A Weekend With Our Leather Travel Bags

So, what is a weekend bag anyway and why do you need one? For one, it’s bigger than a backpack, yet smaller than a suitcase, leaving you ready to explore unencumbered. But, if you need any more reason to buy weekend leather travel bags, just check out our blog. For those of us who are looking for more opportunities to disconnect from the office and connect more with nature, we also encourage you to read our tips on how to travel more with a 9 to 5 job. And we know once you do find the time to travel, you won’t want to leave your four-legged friend at home—so check out our tips on how to travel and camp with dogs. Lastly, when you’re on the go, it’s still important to keep up with a grooming and self-care routine, but maybe you’re not sure how to pack all of the essentials. Read more about our men’s grooming travel tips before you finish loading the car.

How to Care for Leather Travel Bags

Never again neglect the lustre and look of leather travel bags with our exclusive leather and canvas care products. Learning how to properly care for your bags is very important as it supports quality and durability. For example, our leather conditioner offers leather maximum protection and restoration with an all-natural, specially formulated blend of seed oils, lipids, and beeswax. Also, having a leather cleaner on hand is great for tackling dirt buildup, surface stains, and other contaminants. As a general rule, we recommend cleaning before conditioning.

Wherever you go, our collection of leather travel bags are here to help you along your journey, freeing up space to keep exploring while allowing you to pack what you need to do so.